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Rated: PG
Posted: 2018-01-18

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Week Showed:
Jan 1-7, 2010

Current Status:

Movie has finished its run at our theatre.

Showtimes will be announced if the movie is shown again.



Tommy has everything under control: a successful military career, a beautiful wife and two daughters. His younger brother is a drifter, living on the edge of the law. When Tommy is sent to Afghanistan on a UN mission the balance between the two brothers changes forever. Tommy is missing in action - presumed dead - and Grace is comforted by Sam, her brother-in-law, who against all odds shows himself capable of taking responsibility for both himself and the family. It soon becomes clear that their feelings have developed beyond mutual sympathy. When Tommy comes home, traumatized by being held prisoner in the mountains of Afghanistan, nothing is the same.

Cast:  Tobey Maguire, Natalie Portman

Genre: Drama War

Running Time:  105 Minutes

Distributor:  Alliance

Website:  http://www.brothersfilm.com

Special Notes: 
Not playing this Friday due to delay in shipping
Listed: 2010-01-07

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Bowling Alley OPEN
BOWLING ALLEY is now open for the season.
Posted: 2017-09-11

UPDATE: Theatre now on REGULAR Hours
Theatre now running on regular schedule of Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Thursday.
Posted: 2017-08-31


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