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War for the Planet of the Apes

Rated: PG-13
Posted: 2017-07-27

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General Information

Clarenville Twin Cinemas has been serving movie goers in the Clarenville Area successfully for more than 15 years now. With 2 cinemas, open 5 days a week, it is able to offer two of the latest films at a variety of times each week. Cinema One can hold up to 180 persons, and has surround sound. Cinema 2 is slightly smaller and can accomodate up to 110 persons.

As stated on the front page, new movies typically start on Friday and run till the following Thursday (unless Held Over) and is refered to as the Week Playing in this website. The NOW PLAYING section will not show upcoming movies until the day they start (i.e. Fridays). However, the COMING SOON section will show when the movie is starting. Some will say Coming Soon or Starting Friday, and will move into the NOW PLAYING section when they start.

Cinema 1 Consession Stand


Bowling Alley CLOSED for Summer
BOWLING ALLEY is now closed for the summer and will reopen in the fall.
Posted: 2017-06-22

Theatre now on Spring/Summer Hours
Theatre now running on summer schedule of Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Posted: 2017-05-16


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